Upcoming Best 5 Electric Scooters in 2023 in India

There are lots of new electric scooter models queued for launch in 2023 in India. The top 5 from them are 1. Yamaha NEO’s 2. Suzuki Burgman 3. Hero Electric AE-8 4. KTM Electric Scooter 5. EeVe Forseti.

In today’s scenario, the pollution gets worst day by day in each and every country. The government also tries to encourage the people of their country by promoting the use of electric vehicles. Some country even runs specific scheme or incentive for the people by which they can find interest or benefit from buying EVs.

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Scooters and Bikes

In India, electric vehicles become very popular and demanding every day. The Indian government also set a target for the utmost use of electric vehicles in 2030. It is because of the more efficient and more powerful engine as well as more features that come with an electric vehicle. The top 5 benefits among them are:

Environmentally Friendly

Environment friendly is the main benefit of opting for electric vehicles. With the growing price of petrol or diesel, most people opted for electrical vehicles to save money on daily expenses. As electric vehicles ( electric cars/electric scooters) do not emit any pollutants many people are shifting to EVs.

Low Operating Cost

The ICE-enabled or traditional scooter runs on fuel which is very high priced this time and this types of scooter need more operating cost. On the other hand, an electric scooter does not require that much cost compared to an ICE-enabled scooter.

Low Noise

Another benefit of opting electric scooter is low noise. It happens because EVs are using batteries and it has almost zero noise.

Light Weight

As electric vehicles run on battery power and also have fewer parts. So, they are light weighted and simple, and also compact.

Long Range Capabilities

One of the most important benefits is the long-range capability on a single charge. As Research and Development process is continuing over the years, new invention is also taking place. That’s why new powerful engines and batteries are used nowadays compared to the old versions.

Though some drawbacks are also to be considered. But the benefits have replaced the drawbacks.

Upcoming Top 5 Electric Scooters are expected to be launched in 2023 in India

Now discuss the top 5 electric scooters which are expected to be launched in 2023. They are-

1. Yamaha Neo’s

Yamaha Motor launches NEO’s Electric Scooter with removable battery design in Europe. The company also plans to launch this model in ASEAN markets in the future.

The NEO’s is an electric scooter that comes with a lot of features, a stylish body, simple, and smooth and agile performance unique to EVs. It is expected to launch in June 2023 with an estimated price of about Rs. 2.50 Lakh.

It is mainly designed for short-distance urban mobility with features like

  • Yamaha Integrated Power Unit II- delivering quiet but long-lasting acceleration
  • Approximate 37 KM of cruising range from a full charge.
  • A model-specific frame design for energy-efficient rides.
  • Styling is based on Yamaha’s Jin-Ki Kanno EV design concept.
2. Suzuki Burgman
top 5 electric scooters Suzuki Burgman
Suzuki Burgman E-Scooter

The Suzuki Burgman Street ICE or Standard Edition has gained a commendable response from various areas in India and is equipped with tons of features. Now Suzuki is planning to launch the electric version of the Burgman edition in India.

Suzuki Burgman Electric was first spotted for testing on the street of Pune. So it is expected to launch soon in the Indian market. However, Suzuki India officials confirmed that the launch of the Suzuki Burgman Electric Scooter has been delayed by some time.

In spite of the delay, it is expected to launch in India by June 2023 with some features like-

  • Available in Disc Brake combination.
  • A 12-inch alloy wheel up front
  • The design looks like the Suzuki Burgman Street bike currently available on the market.
  • The expected Range is about 90 KM on a single charge.
  • The estimated price is around Rs. 1.20 Lakh
3. Hero Electric AE-8
upcoming scooter in 2023 Hero Electric AE-8
Hero Electric AE-8

“India’s first and largest manufacturer of 2-wheelers with over 3 lakh happy customers” as claimed by the company. Hero Electric has already launched some electric scooter models in the market like Photon Hx, Optima CX, Hero Electric NYX HX, etc., and running successfully.

The company has set to launch another electric scooter called Hero Electric AE-8 which was unveiled at the 2020 Auto Expo by January 2023. Though the company has not yet confirmed the launch date.

Hero Electric AE-8 also comes with some great features like-

  • Top speed around 25 KM per Hour
  • Range about 80 KM in a single charge
  • Full LED headlight and fully digital instrument console
  • Unique honeycomb design backlit in blue
  • The estimated price is around Rs. 70,000 /-
4. KTM Electric Scooter

The brand KTM is the sub-brand of Pierer Mobility AG company. The KTM brand has been popular among the young generation since some time ago. It has some popular bike models also. But now the company decided to enter in electric bike market in India.

KTM is willing to launch the electric scooter in India and wants to capture some percentage of EV industry which is growing very fast in the last couple of years. The company has created a segment called “E-Ride” which will look after the EV segment. It demands 50% more battery power, effortless riding pleasure, lightweight & easy to ride, clean & quiet, and instant electric power.

The New KTM Electric Scooter is expected to launch in February 2023 in India. Estimate price around Rs. 1.50 Lakh. The picture of this scooter has not been revealed yet.

5. EeVe Forseti

EeVe is one of the leading electric two-wheeler companies in India. It has years of experience in manufacturing electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are designed to be noise and emission-free for the mission “Go Green”.

EeVe Forseti electric scooter is expected to launch in India by January 2023. It has some stunning features as-

  1. Stylish & comfort
  2. New technology-driven accessories
  3. USB port, Anti-theft Lock, GPS Tracking, etc.
  4. Disc braking for better rides
  5. Range around 70 KM in a single charge
  6. The estimated price is Rs. 1.00 Lakh

The above upcoming top 5 electric scooters will be launched in 2023 in India you just read but if you reached up here that means you seriously want to buy the best electric scooter in near future. In that case, I would suggest that you do some more research and compare them before buying your dream scooter.

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