Top 5 Disadvantages of Electric Vehicle(EV)

The top 5 disadvantages of electric vehicles are 1. Charging Station 2. Short Driving Range and Speed 3. Longer Recharge Time 4. Battery Replacement and 5. Too Expensive. But somehow it is interesting to see the very high growth in this sector for the last couple of months.

Top 5 disadvantages of electric vehicles
Electric car charging

Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

We all know that pollution caused by vehicles is very high nowadays. That’s why we are focusing on Electric Vehicle. The proven technology can reduce pollution significantly. But there are some disadvantages also which need to be considered before making any decision to buy electric cars(EVs). These 5 drawbacks are:

1. Charging Station

There are some people who think that the charging station problem for an electric vehicle is not that big of a deal. They think that it will only take a few hours to charge an electric car or bike and that it will be very convenient for people to have a charging station near them. However, it is still in the development stage. You will find it difficult to locate a charging station, especially in rural or suburban areas. So it is suggested that if you go for a long-distance tour you must have charging station maps ready.

Electric Vehicle charging Station
Electric Vehicle charging Station

2. Short Driving Range and Speed

Electric cars are range-bound means you must charge the battery after every short distance you travel. Most of these cars have a range between 100 to 250 kilometers. You just can not use them for the long journey as of now but it will improve definitely in near future.

The speed of electric cars is also limited as of now. The research and development process is continuing to improve the drawback.

Driving Range and Speed
Driving Range and Speed

3. Longer Recharge Time

While it takes a couple of minutes to fuel your petrol or diesel-powered car, an electric car takes about 3-6 hours and sometimes even longer to get fully charged.

So, you always need a dedicated recharge station as the time taken to fully charged is quite long. Though there are some Kits that can reduce the charging time down. But again, that is going to be an additional investment. So, consider that, too.

Recharging Electric Car
Recharging Electric Car

4. Battery Replacement

The batteries of almost all-electric cars need to be changed every 5-10 years depending on various types of usage. Though the continuous efforts can be seen by manufacturers also.

Electric Car Battery
Electric Car Battery

5. Too Expensive

Electric Cars are gradually becoming very popular in the Indian market. The EV industry in India is still in the initial stage and have limited option in the mass-market electric car segment but it is growing tremendously. You may be surprised when you take a look at the price for electric vehicles which is around $15000 to $20000 (approximate 11 to 15 lac in Indian currency). If you are looking for a luxury option, you may be paying more penny.

top 5 disadvantages,disadvantages,charging station,drawback
Tata Nexon EV

Few more disadvantages of electric vehicles found even these days which are:

  1. The electricity bill for recharging every time.
  2. Small size and limited seat option.
  3. Not very useful for rural areas.
  4. Repair difficulties.
  5. The government may not provide money-saving initiatives to encourage. Find more
top 5 disadvantages,disadvantages,charging station,drawback


After understanding all the disadvantages of electric vehicles or reading about the drawback of electric vehicles (EVs) you may be disappointed about buying electric cars. But if you do a little bit of research into different models of different companies it will help you to make an accurate decision about buying an EV. However, no matter how you look at it, an electric car or bike can save our precious environment and it is the future.

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