Top 10 Best Electric Scooters in 2022 in India

In the year 2022 top brands launched their electric scooters or bikes in India. The Best 10 among them are 1. Bajaj Chetak EV 2. Hero Optima 3. Okinawa iPraise+ 4. Ather 450X 5. E Pluto 7G 6. Revolt RV400 7. TVS IQube 8. Okinawa Ridge+ 9. Hero Electric Photon and 10. Simple One Electric Scooter. All of them are excellent in their respective segments.

But sometimes we confuse to choose the best scooter or bike from all these models. Here I definitely try to give you the top 10 electric scooters or bikes which will be best for you after hours of research. On the other hand, the government also trying its best to push for electric mobility and offer some government incentives also which can help the owner.

Purchasing an electric bike or scooter is a little bit sensitive or tricky. There are some important factors you need to understand to make a better decision before you choose the best. The key factors are explained in short below:

  • Battery and Charging System: It is the capacity of the battery installed in that electric vehicle that determines the performance and affects the buying decision. Like How much take time to fully charge and the fast charging function are most important among others.
  • Speed and Range: The main and foremost thing is the maximum speed it can achieve and also the range (KM) of that vehicle means how long distance it will cover in a single charge. This helps you to decide the tour plans.
  • Price and Taxes: Price is always the key factor when you go for purchasing electric cars or bikes. It is always better to check the facilities that come with that vehicle are worthy enough in that segment. To give a good investment in an electric vehicle you must consider government incentives, brand discounts, and sometimes from various loan companies.
  • Technology: It is an important factor too when deciding to buy an electric vehicle whether all the modern technologies are equipped with that vehicle or not.

10 Best Electric Scooters in 2022 in India

1. Bajaj Chetak Electric scooter

Bajaj is one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturing companies in India. The Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter is launched in India in the year 2020. It is one of the most highly anticipated electric bikes. The Price is Rs. 1.00 – 1.15 Lakh * available with premium model and with 4 colors -Hazelnut, Velluto Russo (Red), Indigo Metallic (Blue), and Brooklyn Black.

You can check the loan facility which the company offers.

top 10 best electric scooter Bajaj Chetak
Bajaj Chetak ES
Motor Power4080 WCharging Time5 Hours
Max Torque16.2 Nm@ 1400 rpmRange95 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity50.4 V/ 60.4 AhBattery Warranty3 Years, 50000 KM
Top Speed63 KM per hourMobile ConnectivityBluetooth
Additional FeaturesGlove Box 4L, Touch Sensitive SwitchesBreak Type(Front/Rear)Disc/Drum

2. Hero Electric Optima CX Dual Battery

Hero Electric is India’s first and largest manufacturer of the electric 2-wheelers segment. The approximate price of this model is Rs. 77,490/- *. This model is available in 4 colors.

best electric scooter Hero Electric Optima CX
Hero Electric Optima CX
Motor Power1200 WCharging Time4-5 Hours
Max TorqueNot AvailableRange140 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity51.2 V/ 30 AhBattery Warranty3 Years
Top Speed45 KM per hourMobile ConnectivityNot Available
Additional FeaturesAlloy Wheels, Tube TyreBreak Type(Front/Rear)Drum/Drum

3. Okinawa iPraise+ Electric Bike

Okinawa Autotech is a 100% Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company. The company offers many features with this model. The Price is Rs. 1.05 Lakh * with 3 different colors Glossy Red Black, Glossy Golden Black, and Glossy Silver Black.

electric vehicle Okinawa iPraise ES
Okinawa iPraise ES
Motor Power2500 WCharging Time4-5 Hours
Max TorqueNot AvailableRange139 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity3.3 kWhBattery Warranty3 Years, 30000 KM
Top Speed58 KM per hourMobile ConnectivityBluetooth
Additional FeaturesMicro Charger with Auto-cut,
Road Side Assistance, Tubeless Tyre
Break Type(Front/Rear)Disc/Disc

4. Ather 450X

All Electric. Everything you imagined your next ride to be and beyond. The Ather 450X. The Price Rs. 1.18 – 1.38 Lakh *

top electric scooter Ather 450X
Ather 450X
Motor Power6000 WCharging Time5 Hours
Fast ChargingYesRange116 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity2.6 kWhBattery Warranty3 Years
Top Speed80 KM per hourMobile ConnectivityBluetooth
Additional FeaturesRiding Modes, Auto Indicator Off,
4G LTE, Navigation, Vehicle State
Tracking, Smart Helmet Integration
Break Type(Front/Rear)Disc/Disc

5. E Pluto 7G

E Pluto 7G, from PURE EV Company, is a premium electric scooter in India designed to give the most comfortable ride experience. The Price is Rs. 86,999/- *. It is available in 6 colors.

best electric scooter E Pluto 7G
E Pluto 7G
Motor Power2200 WCharging Time4 Hours
Anti Theft AlarmYesRange90 – 120 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity60 V/ 2.5 kWhBattery Warranty2 Years
Top Speed60 KM per hourDisplayDigital
Additional FeaturesSmart Lock, Twist Throttle, BlinkersBreak Type(Front/Rear)Disc/Drum

6. Revolt RV400

Revolt Motors is the next generation mobility company that is created for the smart world. First AI enabled bikes or scooters were introduced by Revolt. The cost of this model is Rs. 1.24 Lakh *.

top electric bike Revolt RV400
Revolt RV400
Motor Power3000 WCharging Time4.5 Hours
Max Torque170 NmRange150 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity72 V/ 3.24 kWhBattery WarrantyStandard
Top Speed85 KM per hourMobile ConnectivityBluetooth
Additional FeaturesRBS, Portable Charging,
Fast Charging, Central Lock
Break Type(Front/Rear)Disc/Disc

7. TVS IQube Scooter

TVS Motor has present globally, including Middle East, Africa, SE Asia, etc. TVS Motor Company is the third-largest 2-wheeler company in India also is the 2nd largest exporter in India. The Price of this scooter is Rs. 1.38 Lakh*.

 top scooter TVS IQube Scooter
TVS IQube Scooter
Motor Power4400 WCharging Time6 Hours
Max Torque140 NmRange75 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity2.25 kWhBattery Warranty3 Years
Top Speed78 KM per hourMobile ConnectivityBluetooth
Additional FeaturesQ-park assist, Over-Speed Alert,
Battery Charge status, Smart Ride Stats
Break Type(Front/Rear)Disc/Drum

8. Okinawa Ridge+

One of the sophisticated electric scooters launched by the company. The Price is approx Rs. 70,935/- *. This model has 2 variants- Okinawa Ridge+ and Okinawa Ridge+(without GPS).

Okinawa Ridge+
Okinawa Ridge+
Motor Power1700 WCharging Time3 Hours
Drive TypeBelt DriveRange84 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity1.75 kWhBattery Warranty3 Years, 30000 KM
Top Speed45 KM per hourMobile ConnectivityBluetooth
Additional FeaturesSecure Parking, Battery Info,
Speed Alert, Driver Score
Break Type(Front/Rear)Drum/Drum

9. Hero Electric Photon

Hero Electric is the market leader in the Indian Electric 2-Wheeler Industry. The company came back with this model into the market with two different color variants available viz Mat Black and Beige. The Price is approx Rs. 80,790/-*.

Best Hero Photon HX in India
Hero Photon HX
Motor Power1200 – 1800 WCharging Time5 Hours
Drive TypeHub MotorRange108 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity72 V/ 26 AhBattery Warranty3 Years
Top Speed45 KM per hourMobile ConnectivityNot Available
Additional FeaturesAnti Theft Alarm, Battery IndicatorBreak Type(Front/Rear)Drum/Drum

10. Simple One Electric Scooter

India’s first premium affordable EV. Proudly made in India, by Indians, for the world. The Price of this electric scooter is Rs. 1.09 – 1.44 Lakh*.

Motor Power4500 WCharging Time4 Hours
Max Torque72 NmRange236 KM/Charge
Battery Capacity6.4 kWhBattery Warranty3 Years
Top Speed105 KM per hourMobile ConnectivityBluetooth, WiFi
Additional FeaturesRemote Access, 2 Removable Batteries,
Fast Charging
Break Type(Front/Rear)Disc/Disc

Hope you can now decide the best electric scooter or bike which suits you best after reading this article. You can also comment your thoughts below.

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