Revolt Electric Bike- Revolt RV400 (2022) Latest Price, Mileage, Specification

The completely Indian company Revolt Motors has brought the Revolt electric bike into the market called Revolt RV400. This is the first electric bike that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for its customers.

Revolt Electric Bike RV400 Red and Black
Revolt RV400 (image credit: Revolt Motors)

This AI will not affect the performance of the Revolt RV400 bike in daily riding as the company says. Artificial intelligence has been used in the Revolt electric bike with the future in mind. New features have been added resulting in many benefits to the bike rider.

Revolt electric bike RV400 has a top speed of 85 kmph and a maximum riding range of 150 km per charge. The Revolt RV400 standard variant is priced at Rs. 1.25 lakh and the premium variant at Rs 1.01 lakh in Delhi.

Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Technical Specifications

Revolt electric bike RV400 has three (3) riding modes namely Eco, Normal, and Sports with a 3000W motor that generates enough power for riding at a speed of 85 km per hour. Let’s check out the details of the RV400 electric bike.

Motor3KW (Mid Drive)
Battery Pack72V, 3.24 kWh
Maximum Range*150 km per charge
Top Speed85 kmph
Max Carrying Capacity150 kg
Riding ModeEco, Normal, Sports
Charging Time0-100% in 4.5 hours
Vehicle Weight108 kg
Braking Type (CBS)Front Disc/ Rear Disc
Front SuspensionUpside Down Forks
Rear SuspensionMonoshock (Adjustable)

Revolt RV400 Range and Top Speed

RV400 Revolt electric bike has three riding modes; in each mode, the riding range and top speed differ. They are-

  1. Eco Mode- Maximum Range- 150 km per charge and Top Speed- 45 kmph
  2. Normal Mode- Maximum Range- 100 km per charge and Top Speed- 65 kmph
  3. Sports Mode- Maximum Range- 80 km per charge and Top Speed- 85 kmph

Revolt RV400 Build, Safety, and Comforts

The build quality of the Revolt RV400 bike is very good in this price range. A high-quality lightweight frame is used in the construction of this bike. Revolt has built this bike keeping safety in mind. Good quality tires and seats are also provided with comfort in mind.

Revolt RV400 Features
Revolt RV400 Features

There are many more which are discussed below:

Design and Build

  1. Headlamp and Tail Lamp- The company uses an LED projection headlamp for better visibility with DRL which is inspired by the Revolt logo itself. A thin sleek tail lamp has been provided with this electric bike.
  2. Indicator- The indicator is also equipped with an LED lamp which makes it more visible to others.
  3. Lightweight Frame- The bike is built with a lightweight frame for better control and strength.
  4. Digital Display- A digital display has been given with this bike which gives you real-time data in front of your eyes.

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Safety Matters

  1. Suspension- For the front suspension, it uses upside-down forks and an adjustable mono-shock suspension for the rear which is first in its segment. You can adjust the rear suspension manually if you feel discomfort with it.
  2. Safety Stand- A safety stand has been given.
  3. CBS Brake- The braking mechanism is built with a Combination Braking System (CBS) to control your riding.
  4. Tyre- MRF Zapper has used whose grip is powerful for your safety and easily control the bike.


  1. Seat- A right-positioned seat and designed in such a way that it provides more comfort to the rider.
  2. Ground Clearance- A high ground clearance of 215 mm gives smooth riding in all conditions.
  3. Remote Key- A keyless remote key has been given with this bike which can control lock, unlock, start, and other features also.
revolt electric bike

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MyRevolt App – Mobile Connectivity for Revolt Electric Bike

MyRevolt App
MyRevolt App

If you keep the MyRevolt app on your mobile then you can do a lot of things with your fingerprint such as:

  1. Battery Status- You can see the battery levels in real-time.
  2. SOS-Battery Delivery- If you think that your battery dies while riding, then just send an SOS battery request to the vendor through this app and the company will reach you with a fully charged battery.
  3. Geo-fencing- Find your RV400 in the app and if you want you can put a boundary on the map. Then you can track its movement and secure it from theft.
  4. Riding History- Through this MyRevolt app, you can see your past rides, kilometers covered, routes, battery usage, and much more.
  5. On and Off- Just swipe on the app to switch your RV400 on or off.


Every electric bike is made with some special features, the Revolt electric bike RV400 also has several new features that make it a popular electric bike. You can also read about upcoming electric scooters in 2023 and make your decision then. Every time when you decide to buy anything please research well before final decision.

Contact and Service of Revolt Electric Bike
Contact and Service

If you have any queries or services then you can contact them by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of revolt rv400?

The Revolt RV400 standard variant is priced at Rs. 1.25 lakh and the premium variant at Rs 1.01 lakh in Delhi.

Is a licence required to ride a revolt electric bike?

Yes, as its top speed is more than 25 kmph and motor power is greater than 250W. You can find the list of top electric scooters without a driving licence.

What is the revolt electric bike mileage?

Revolt electric bike RV400 has a top speed of 85 kmph and a maximum riding range of 150 km per charge.

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