Maintenance of Electric Scooter or Bike | Complete Electric Scooter or Bike Care in 2022

In this article, I will discuss some problems with electric scooters or bikes and how to repair/ maintain them.

The maintenance of an Electric Scooter or Bike is as important as the human body. As the human body needs regular checkups to reduce the risk of life threats likewise regular maintenance of electric scooter significantly reduce the probability of major problems.

If you do the regular maintenance of your electric motorcycle it automatically improves the performance. One of the biggest advantages of having an electric bike is that you need very less maintenance to keep the scooter up and well running. Just changing the old tyres and brake pads will do the magic, no oil to change, no throttle bodies to sync, no air filter to replace.

Maintenance of Electric Scooter

Here are some best maintenance tips:

Regular Cleaning

Dirt, dust, and debris are to be cleaned from the bike’s engine regularly. You don’t want any waste to get into the engine and cause problems while riding. Also, use a clean wet cloth or a low-pressure water stream to clean the scooter. But remember that, if the electric system gets wet then it can cause malfunction.

Tyre Pressure

If you want your electric bike more efficient then you should check the recommended tyre pressure. It is one of the most important things to do before taking a ride. Watch the sidewalls of your bike tyres to understand whether the tyre pressure is right or needs refilling. You must aware of the fact that different pressures are recommended for single-seat and pillion riding. You can use a pressure gauge to examine the current pressure in your bike’s tyres.

Check the Bolts

Before riding check for any loose bolts, nuts, screws, or anything other parts on the bike once in a while. Correct or tighten them as quickly as possible as they can cause accidents, which you never want while riding, clearly.

Brake Pads

Repeatedly after a few weeks take a look at the brake pads on your scooter to see how they are holding up. It is always recommended that you should have effective brakes or you could end up in a serious accident. Brake pads can be easily replaced whenever necessary.


Obviously, your bike has some moving parts that need to be considered when talking about maintenance. You must apply lubricant to the major moving parts of the bike to ensure they are working in the right order. If the lubrication dries it causes several problems in the bike.

Battery Care

The most important electrical piece on the electric scooter is its battery. First of all, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully on how to properly charge. If you do not charge the battery properly it will probably end up damaging it and wearing it out quicker. Also, you must remember that battery replacement can be expensive, so take care properly of it and help it last as long as possible.

Some additional maintenance tips to extend the battery life of your electric scooter or bike by following these golden rules:

  • Do not let your bike lie uncharged over a long period of time. Take this out once in a while and recharge.
  • Make sure that you must use it with its own original charger provided by the company.
  • Store in places where the temperature is above 0 degrees.
  • When the battery is fully charged, disconnect it from the power line.
  • Do not start charging it immediately after riding. Let it be cooled down first.
  • Do not let the battery run out completely, in this case, charge it as soon as possible (after cooling down)

Servicing Wheels

Make sure you have enough space for cleaning wheels and chains so that the wheels can turn freely in the air. Use a brush and detergent to clean by rotating the wheels. The chain should be well lubricated and have the right amount of slack.

Keep these most important tips in mind and keep your electric scooter or bike in a top-condition state. Give your two-wheeler regular servicing and tune-ups to keep the engine running smoothly. I believe that you are a responsible rider and pay attention while riding.

The bottom line is that you need not worry about the cost of maintenance for your electric scooter or bike as it will be far cheaper or less than maintaining a fuel bike.

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