Latest Electric Vehicle Shares to Buy Now in 2022

The popularity of electric vehicles is increasing day by day in India. As the popularity of electric vehicles is increasing, electric vehicle shares are also becoming very popular. Investors are also getting good returns from this share market.

At the COP 26 summit held in Glasgow in November 2021, our Prime Minister pledged to use 50% renewable energy by 2030. That’s why the sale of electric vehicles in India has increased significantly from the previous years.

Electric Vehicle Shares
Electric Vehicle Shares

Which are the best companies to invest in electric vehicle shares?

As a result, the prices of various electric vehicle shares that are involved in this electric vehicle sector have also increased. Be it an electric vehicle manufacturer or a lithium-ion battery manufacturer or an electric vehicle parts manufacturing company.

In the commercial vehicle space, there are a lot of good companies like Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ashok Layland, Olectra Greentech, and many more.

Some well-known companies in the Two and Three wheeler space are Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Auto, TVS Motors, etc.

Share Price
Share Price

Besides the above-said EV space, there are also Auto parts, EV Software, EV Charging or Infrastructure space and many popular companies present whose share is one of the best.

So, those involved in the Indian share market cannot afford to miss it. So let’s take a look at the best electric vehicle shares from different sectors.

All the prices of the below shares are updated on 27th July 2022. Check current price accordingly. Link is given below. 

Top 6 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy in 2022 from Commercial Vehicle Space

In the Indian share market, commercial vehicle space belongs to the commercial four-wheelers and above. You can choose the best share from the below top electric vehicle companies.

Company NameCurrent Price52-W High1-M Return6-M Return1-Y Return
Tata Motors443.00536.706.89%-10.39%52.04%
Mahindra & Mahindra1128.051195.004.20%31.48%51.32%
Olectra Greentech631.05941.206.96%-17.07%136.84%
Ashok Layland147.25153.504.21%12.40%20.30%
Maruti Suzuki8544.959050.001.14%-3.12%18.02%
Eicher Motors3056.603179.006.73%17.07%19.85%

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Top 5 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy in 2022 from 2-wheeler & 3-wheeler Space

One of the most preferred places for investors is this segment i.e. shares of two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing companies in the electric vehicle shares category.

Some of the preferred manufacturers in this area are TVS Motors, Bajaj Auto, Hero MotoCorp, etc.

Here’s how the top companies’ shares performed in this segment recently.

Company NameCurrent Price52-W High1-M Return6-M Return1-Y Return
TVS Motors847.50898.703.33%40.79%47.22%
Mahindra & Mahindra1128.051195.004.20%31.48%51.32%
Bajaj Auto3882.654091.00-0.16%11.02%1.68%
Hero MotoCorp2778.502954.450.43%3.98%0.03%
Greaves Cotton156.90258.904.29%-25.09%-3.39%

Two-wheelers account for about 75% of all vehicles in the Indian market, so this segment will see the most growth in the future. In this hope, the shares of these manufacturers are giving very good returns.

Top 5 Stocks to Buy in 2022 from Electric Charging Infrastructure

An electric vehicle charging facility is also one important aspect. So, this segment also plays a crucial role in electric vehicle mobility. If the charging infrastructure is not good enough then it is hard to invest in electric vehicles.

This segment includes both private as well as public sector companies that are working on developing this charging station infrastructure. Petrol pumps are used to develop this facility.

Below are the popular names of the company in the Indian electric vehicle share space.

Company NameCurrent Price52-W High1-M Return6-M Return1-Y Return
Tata Power218.05298.054.51%-10.65%81.18%
Reliance Ind2422.002856.15-4.18%3.69%18.88%
Power Grid210.90248.350.29%0.33%23.28%

Top 2 Stocks to Buy in 2022 from Electric Battery Manufacturing Space

It is known as the Lithium-ion battery is the heart of the electric vehicle. So, battery manufacturing companies also play a vital role in the adaptation of electric mobility. You can know about the top lithium-ion battery manufacturing companies.

Amararaja Battery vs Exide Industry Share Return
Amararaja Battery vs Exide Industry Share Return (image credit: equitymaster)

These batteries are the most expensive component used in EVs. So, obviously, lithium-ion battery-producing companies are the most beneficiary. But only two well-known companies are there in the share market.

Company NameCurrent Price52-W High1-M Return6-M Return1-Y Return
Amara Raja477.50781.601.6%20.28%33.52%
Exide Ind155.90204.9011.16%-11.09%-11.67%

Top 4 Chemical Stocks to Buy in 2022 from Electric Battery Manufacturing Space

Chemical companies also enter the electric vehicle space as it is also an important component in making batteries.

If you consider buying electric vehicle shares then you must check this chemical sector also. This sector is not only present in the EV space but also in other spaces like the pharma sector, agriculture sector, paint sector, etc.

Some popular companies are:

Company NameCurrent Price52-W High1-M Return6-M Return1-Y Return
Tata Chemicals879.001158.007.86%-6.89%18.98%
Neogen Chemicals1365.251930.005.24%-19.29%49.99%
Exide Ind155.90204.9011.16%-11.09%-11.67%
Deepak Nitrite1835.003020.0010.52%-14.00%-3.40%

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Top 2 EV Shares from Application Software Development Company to Buy in 2022

As the days go by, more and more new technologies are coming to us. Similarly, new technology is being used in the automobile sector as well.
By using all these technologies driving the car is becoming more convenient and more new features are coming day by day.

Mainly, two technology companies are very much popular that are making OEMs for electric vehicles. These are described below with recent return details.

Company NameCurrent Price52-W High1-M Return6-M Return1-Y Return
Tata Elxsi8485.009420.005.58%18.12%103.14%
L & T Tech4405.157588.804.32%-25.48%1.10%

Top 4 Electric Vehicle Shares of Auto Parts Manufacturers

Various types of parts of the vehicle are manufactured by various companies. The Indian auto parts manufacturer signed MoU with global companies to make new components for electric vehicles. In this category, the top electric vehicle share names have given below.

Company NameCurrent Price52-W High1-M Return6-M Return1-Y Return
Motherson Sumi129.40257.803.98%-26.79%-43.47%
Minda Ind518.75628.7011.73%-0.92%42.16%
Rajratan Global894.00907.0044.94%71.12%106.80%
Timken India2893.002935.5018.56%47.59%80.94%


Very few electric vehicle shares generated highly returned but you can think of it by using this article. Analysis of all the aspects of a share before investing.

One common name you can find is that the Tata group is present in almost all segments and it is very trustworthy. Know all about Tata Nexon EV Max.

It is true that the use of electric vehicles will increase in the coming days. So if you can invest in good electric vehicle shares from now then you can get good returns in the coming days.

You can check all the electric vehicle share prices one by one by entering the company name discussed above. Go from here.

*Disclaimer: This article is only for information purposes. All the information is available in the public portal. This is not an expert opinion and also not investment advice. You can use this information for investing but at your own risk. I am not a SEBI registered adviser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best share in the four-wheeler electric vehicle segment?

Tata Motors, Olectra Greentech, and others. Analysis well before investing.

Which is the best share in the two-wheeler electric vehicle segment?

All the above-discussed companies are the best in the two-wheeler EV segment.

Which are the good electric vehicle shares to invest in now?

Some of the shares are good in terms of returns generated and some companies are good in respect of the fundamentals of that company. So, analyze them one by one and then make a decision.

Top Electric Vehicle Shares to Invest?

Tata, Tata Elxsi, L & T Tech, Deepak, Sona BLW, Minda Industries, Rajratan Global, and others are discussed in the article.

What is the price of Tata Power Share?

Tata Power shares price Rs. 230 as on 1st August 2022. Most of the investors bought this electric vehicle share in their portfolio.

What is the Tata Motors Share price?

Tata Motors share price Rs. 473 as on 1st August 2022.

What are the top 5 EV Stocks?

When the question about top EV stocks arises, it is suggested that you should first choose the sector leader always. They may give normal returns but they will definitely save your portfolio at the time of a falling market. If you read the above article then you have already known the name of the top EV stocks. Now, you have to choose carefully from them.

What are the Penny EV Stocks to buy in India?

First of all, you must know that penny stocks are very very risky. They can make you reach in shorter time but also it can take all the money of yours as well very quickly. As per the researcher, you first invest in a good fundamental company for a better return in long term then you can play in penny stocks. You can find the EV penny stock list on google.

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