Green number plates are a must for new electric vehicles in India 2022

As time goes by, the interest to adopt the electric vehicle is growing up in India. Fuel cost is one of the prime reasons. Another reason is the cost of electric vehicles (EVs) has been dropping in recent years. The green number plate of the new electric vehicle is also a trick for interested people to buy an EV.

The Government of India also encourages people to shift towards electric mobility by giving incentives to the EV owners and manufacturers also. Some State governments also give specific relaxation and exemptions to the owner of the electric vehicle.

The Indian Government has introduced green number plates for easy identification and benefit of electric vehicles on the road. These green number plates are given to the vehicle which runs entirely on electric energy without affecting the environment.

Showing green number plate on a blue Kona electric car.
Green number plate (image credit: team-bhp)

In this article, you will know all about the green number plates for electric vehicles in India.

What is Green Number Plate?

This is a special type of car number plate that contains a green color background with numbers in the white color font for private vehicles and numbers in the yellow color font for commercial vehicles given to the new electric vehicles.

A green number plate is available to all newly registered as well as existing EV owners. It is assigned to only those vehicle that is absolute ‘Zero Emission’ free vehicle.

In the middle of the year 2018, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India (MoRTH) announced a green mark registration for battery-operated vehicles and had given approval for green licence plates with green background. Private vehicles will be in white color font and commercial vehicles in yellow font.

What are the benefits of a green number plate in India

Only non-emission vehicles or fully runs on electric energy with zero-emission can get green plates. This type of number plate gives additional benefits to the owner. Such as-

  • Concession Toll fee on Highway: When a green number plate holder electric vehicle owner comes across toll plazas on the highway, the owner may have to pay a lower toll charge than others.
  • Exemption on Road Tax: The road tax amount will be waived off by the government at the time of registration of your vehicle.
  • Preferential Parking Treatment: Electric vehicles with green number plate owners can receive preferential parking space which is different from normal parking space.
  • Exemption on Registration fee: The government offers to the electric vehicle owner not to pay any amount at the time of registration.

You also get some additional benefits which may be given by your state government too.

Points to remember

When you purchase an electric vehicle, make sure that the vehicle is run on electric energy and 100 percent emission-free. Because the government will provide a green number plate to the vehicle which generates zero-emission.

Another point is that both private and commercial electric vehicles need to have green number plates with white numbers and yellow numbers respectively.

Which documents are required for the registration of an electric vehicle?

To apply for a green number plate in India the below documents are needed like any other vehicle registration-

  • An application form for vehicle registration must be filled up properly
  • Vehicle purchasing document that vehicle dealer will provide
  • Copy of your identity proof (Voter card/ Aadhaar card/ Driving Licence, etc.)
  • Copy of address proof (Aadhaar card/ Electric bill/ Passport, etc.)
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Some other documents provided by the dealer/shop

The next step is to apply for EV registration –

  1. Visit your local RTO office with all the necessary documents and duly filled vehicle registration form. You can get all types of forms here.
  2. Submit your application with applicable fees.
  3. Physical verification will be conducted by the RTO office if all the previous processes were correct.
  4. After inspection, you will have your unique registration number after a few days.

What are temporary registration and permanent registration?

A temporary registration number is assigned by the dealership from which the vehicle is purchased. It serves the purpose when the vehicle is brand new and is yet to be permanently registered. This unique number is normally valid for a period of a maximum of one month.

The vehicle can be driven or allowed to be driven in a public place only after registration by registering authority. An application for registration of a vehicle is required to be made to the registering authority within a period of seven days from the date of taking delivery.

Types of Number Plates in India

There are various types of number plates that exist in India for various types of vehicles. Let’s take a short knowledge below:

  • Number plate with an upward arrow: used for defence vehicles.
  • Blue number plate with white lettering: used for foreign consulates.
  • Green number plate: used for electric vehicles.
  • Black plate with yellow lettering: used for self-driven rented vehicles.
  • Yellow plate with black lettering: used for commercial vehicles.
  • White plate with black lettering: issued to private vehicle owners for personal use.
Sample green number plate in India
Sample green number plate in India

Does any other country use green number plates?

Many countries including Norway, Hungary, Canada, and China, etc. have already introduced green plates for electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions regarding green number plates

Can a hybrid car get green number plates?

As hybrid cars run on the combination of two technology thus it is not 100 percent free emission car and hybrid cars can not get green plates.

Is green number plates mandatory for EVs?

As per the government instruction, the green number plates are mandatory for newly purchased electric vehicles.

Can my old electric vehicle get a green number plate?

Yes. Both new and old electric vehicles can get green number plates.

Do I pay an extra charge for green number plates?

Absolutely not.

How long is the validity of electric vehicle registration?

It will valid for 15 years as any other category vehicle. You need to re-register after 15 years.


Adaptation of electric vehicles in India is going in rapid growth for the past couple of years. Various government incentives are also a key point behind this progress. Mandatory provision of green number plates for EVs is a good move from the government. Waiting for your views in the comment box.

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