Electric Vehicle Best Driving Tips in 2022

As the popularity of electric cars is increasing in India, it is natural that the trend of buying these cars will also increase in the coming days.

When driving an electric car, certain rules must be followed. So some rules and electric vehicle driving tips will be discussed in this article.

Accidents can also be reduced to a certain extent if you follow certain rules while driving an electric vehicle. Let’s discuss all driving tips at the time of riding.

Exclusive Driving Tips Electric Four-wheelers in India

Driving Tips for Electric Four Wheelers and Two Wheelers are different. So, carefully read till the end. First, we talk about electric four(4) wheelers-

electric vehicle maintain and driving tips
Electric Vehicle Maintain

What are the top driving tips?

  1. Understand your electric vehicle- The first thing to know is to get to know your own electric vehicle as a driver. You should understand the electric vehicle, and get maximum information about the car. Know about the mechanism and gather knowledge about the battery installed in it.
  2. Learn from driving school if needed- Many driving schools you can find around you where you can learn driving and some driving tips also for your maximum safety. If you already know then it is ok for you.
  3. Safety measures- It is necessary to have knowledge about your safety and your car safety also. When you driving on the road you should follow certain rules and they are-
    • Strictly follow the traffic rules
    • No drinking driving
    • Use seat belt
    • Try to maintain the speed limit
    • Maintains safe distance from other cars
  4. How to maximize battery uses- One of the most important factors is battery maintenance when it comes to an electric vehicle. If you utilize your battery properly you may get extra mileage as the top battery manufacturing companies said.
    • First, know the battery working mechanism
    • Charge the battery according to the company’s guideline
    • Every 3 consecutive charging cycles, you must charge the battery up to 100 percent with normal charging time(No fast charge)
    • Do not keep the battery idle for more than 5 days.
  5. Follow the battery charging guide- It is recommended to follow the guideline about charging the battery as provided by the company. Charge regularly for optimum performance. Keep the list of charging stations ready while riding for a long journey.
  6. Always keep the car kits- Sometimes problems may arise with your electric car. So, keep the car kits always with the car when driving. Because India still does not have sufficient infrastructure ready.
  7. Use mobile apps- Nowadays, every company offers a mobile app for a particular electric car to assure more mobility. Every mobile app is designed for the ultimate uses of the car. Almost every app offers great features like auto-control of the car, reverse parking, battery monitoring system, and many more.
  8. Servicing the car- You must visit the service center and service your car from time to time for a smooth riding experience.
electric vehicle battery
Electric Vehicle Battery

Some more quick tips for electric vehicles

  • Always control your car speed
  • Use proper driving modes in proper places
  • try to maintain tires pressure as instructed by the car company
  • Avoid driving on waterlogged roads.
  • Always check the battery before starting the electric car.

Ultimate Driving Tips Electric Two-wheelers in India

We know that driving a two-wheeler is a bit easier than a four-wheeler. That is why two-wheeler vehicles have more accidents than four-wheeler vehicles. So one has to be a little more careful while driving a two-wheeler.

Electric Scooter Riding
Electric Scooter Riding

There are some main reasons behind this such as two-wheelers have narrow wheels and the vehicle controls are not very good. Apart from this, the main reason is that this car is driven mostly by young people.
But accidents can be avoided to some extent if you keep some driving tips in mind while driving. Those useful driving tips are discussed below.

  1. Battery maintenance- Battery is one of the main components of two-wheeled electric scooters or bikes. Every time you should check the battery before an exciting ride. Always keep an eye on the battery indicator for sudden harassment due to battery.
  2. Check overall scooter or bike safety- It is recommended that always check the power, battery, tyre pressure, and control of the scooter before starting the engine. You can check all these on the digital display provided with the two-wheeler.
  3. Speed of the electric scooter- Most two-wheelers have different modes for riding, you should know all about these and maintain speed accordingly.
  4. Traffic rule- Always maintain traffic rules and wear helmets on the road.
  5. Service- Keep your electric scooter or bike up to date with software up-gradation and do service from time to time. As per top electric vehicle manufacturers, it is a crucial driving tip for all categories of vehicles in India.

At the End

After all, it can be said that there are certain rules and driving tips for driving every electric vehicle which can be followed to avoid any major accidents.

You can also know about electric vehicle maintenance as it can save your life too. Want to know the best upcoming electric scooters then you must read it also if you wish you can get the best information about upcoming electric vehicles in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to drive an electric vehicle to avoid accidents?

1. Check all the components before driving 2. Maintain speed while driving 3. Always keep in contact with the car company 4. Alert when driving.

Is it necessary to insure the 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler electric vehicles?

Yes, it is absolutely recommended to insure your vehicle as well as your own for safety.

Can anyone get a loan facility for purchasing electric vehicles?

Yes, you may get a loan facility from various banks. You can read more about EV loans.

Any other driving tips must be known as an EV owner?

Yes, apart from the above information one should know about- 1. Moving parts of the vehicle must be well lubricated 2. No overweight while riding your bike or scooter 3. Charging ports should be covered with their caps when it is idle 4. Must know about the government subsidy known as FAME II.

Can a woman or girl drive an electric vehicle?

Yes, of course, a woman or a girl can drive electric scooters. You may also get information about top scooters for ladies in India.

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