A new fleet of Electric Bus runs in Kolkata in 2022

A new fleet of Air-conditioned Electric buses has been launched in Kolkata which will run across Kolkata and Rajarhat-Newtown. 10 such buses have already been launched so far.

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AC Electric Bus inaugurated by State Transport Minister(image credit: Anand Bazar Patrika)

State Transport Minister and also Mayor of Kasba, Firhad Hakim, was officially inaugurated the service on Wednesday according to the transport department, Government of West Bengal.

Now the state government of West Bengal is considering introducing an alternative transport system in the state due to rising prices of fuels like petrol and diesel. It has been seen that the pollution of this city is increasing day by day in recent times. So, the government is actually in action to reduce the pollution of this city. However, this project is very tiny at this moment but it will be increased subsequently.

The government is concerned about the price hike of conventional fuels such as petrol and diesel as well as environmental hazards. As part of this, the CNG bus service was launched earlier this year and they running very well. This time Air-conditioned electric buses are coming also on the way. Although the city already has some E- buses that run across the city.

By the end of July this year, 40 more buses are planned to be launched in the city, which will be running in other areas of the city, according to the state’s transport department. Earlier, however, 80 E-buses were already introduced in the city. Moreover, 76 charging stations have been set up in the city at various places.

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Future Plan for Electric Buses in Kolkata

As per the transport department of the state, 1200 new electric buses will be incorporated soon into this transport service. Of these, at least 400 buses may be launched by the end of this year and the remaining 800 electric buses are planned to be launched by the year 2023.

In addition, the state government is also considering launching an electric ferry service with at least 100 passengers’ capacity. The transport department of West Bengal is in a hurry to be implemented in the next few months.

The government of West Bengal is now more concerned about global warming as well as the price hike of diesel and petrol. So, the government is trying to develop the infrastructure for electric mobility in the city which is very much commendable.

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