BGauss D15 New Electric Scooter Launched in India 2022

BGauss D15, a stylish, high-performance electric scooter, has launched on Monday in India. This e-scooter is offered from Rs. 99,999/- to 1,14,999/- for 2 variants.

BGauss makes a perfect travel companion for your daily and long-distance commute. The scooter came with extra comfort, larger leg space, and comfortable seating for long-distance riding, which you won’t miss.

The electric scooter is fully made-in-India, 100 percent localized, ARAI certified, and also available with FAME II subsidy. 5 colours ( Matte Black & Silver, Alpine Green, Pearl White, Racing Red, and Glistening Blue) are available to purchase.

BGauss D15
BGauss D15 (image

BGauss D15 Model

This electric scooter is available in two variants viz D15i that is priced at Rs. 99,999/- and D15 Pro is priced at Rs. 1,14,999/-. It can be purchased in 5 different colours- Matte Black & Silver, Alpine Green, Pearl White, Racing Red, and Glistening Blue.

BG D15 Comfort and Relaxation

Flawless 16-inch big alloy wheels can produce better grip and performance for the rider to give a fun, smooth, and safe riding experience. It is also equipped with tubeless tires that will provide better stability all time.

Another feature is its big and spacious 77 cm seat that provides an ample amount of space for 2 people.

BG D15 Safety

When it comes to safety, BGauss D15 offers –

Roll-over sensor– It is a built-in system that prevents accelerating the scooter in a rolled-over condition and when the scooter will be raised back to a comfortable position then only the acceleration will work.

Limp-Home feature- It is a technology that comes to act if the scooter behaves abnormally then it will automatically shift to Limp mode and reduce the speed. Furthermore, it can travel to the company’s service center or a safe spot, or any place you’d like to home for immediate help.

Battery safety- The battery of this model comes with more than 20 safety features, safety is ensured at the highest level with BGauss D15.

BG D15 Strength and Power

The D15 has a full metal body that is strong and sturdy that can take every challenge. The main structure is built with a high-strength tubular steel frame with a 150 kg payload.

BG D15 Engine and Battery

Motor Type- BLDC

Motor IP Rating- IP67

Motor Power- 3100 W

Max Torque- 110 Nm

Max Speed- 60 kmph

Fuel Type- Electric

Range- 115 km/charge

Battery Type- Lithium-Ion

Battery Capacity- 3.2 kWh

Charging Time- 4 hours (0-80 percent)

BG D15 Design and Features

It can ride in any weather with its ‘All-Weather Proof’ design. The electric scooter has undergone 500 hours of Salt Spray test to assure a rust-free ride.

The vehicle also comes with a high water wading limit to ensure safe riding on water-clogged roads. It has 3 steps adjustable double hydraulic spring shock absorbers and suspensions for more comfort and great performance in poor road conditions.

BG D15 Technologies & More

  • The BGauss D15 has a USB charging port that can charge your phone on the go.
  • Spacious storage pockets where phone or wallet can be fitted.
  • To hold bags and essentials it has a strong and sturdy Hook.
  • Under the footboard, it has also spacious charger storage with a locked facility.
  • Anti-theft alarm system for unauthorized movement.
  • Smart ‘Distance to Empty’ feature that can show exactly how far can ride in kilometers before the journey.
  • Reverse mode with just a click of a button.
  • Self-check features that ensure the vehicle is up and running.
  • CBS braking system.

FAQs about BGauss D15

  1. How much time is needed to fully charge the battery?

    4 hours to charge to 80% of its capacity and 5.30 hours to 100%.

  2. What is the top speed of this electric scooter?

    Eco Mode: 50 kmph
    Sports Mode: 60 kmph

  3. Does this D15 electric scooter battery come with a warranty?

    Yes. 36-month warranty.

  4. Is the D15 scooter waterproof?

    Yes, it is completely waterproof and dustproof.

  5. Is BG D15 Made in India?

    Yes, it is 100% made in India with a FAME II subsidy.

  6. How long does the battery last?

    It is designed to last for more than 70,000 km or 6-7 years.


Hemant Kabra, founder & MD, BGAUSS Auto Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are excited to launch a 100% Made in India electric scooter, BG D15 which is designed and developed by our in-house research and development team in Pune. The product quality and its functionality are a testament to BGAUSS Electric’s goal of offering a best-in-class mobility solution. We are committed to our mission of providing high-performance, safe and intelligent electric scooters to be at the forefront of the EV revolution in India.”

The BGauss electric scooter comes with lots of features as we discussed above and it is expected to be a game-changer for the company. Let me know your view in the comment box.

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