Top 5 Electric Bikes and Scooters under 1 lakh in India 2022

India is one of the mass-market automobile industries in 2022. Currently, India holds the fifth largest car market across the globe, and with tremendous growth, it can achieve the top three position in the near future. A report reveals that 80 percent of two and three-wheeler, 30 to 70 percent of cars, and 40 percent of buses will be electric by 2030.

Nowadays, the price of petrol and diesel is increasing rapidly in the country. So, the Indian government is actively pushing toward electric mobility which will ensure a greener and cleaner environment and reduce oil import bills in the future also.

Electric Bike or Scooter
Electric Bike or Scooter

Here is the list of the top 5 electric bikes and scooters under 1 lakh in 2022 with specifications, features, mileage, etc. 1. PURE EV Epluto 7G 2. Ola S1 and S1 Pro 3. BGauss D15 4. Hero Electric Optima 5. TVS iQube.

Best Electric Scooters or Bikes under 1 lakh in 2022 in India

As India is moving toward electric mobility which is the future of transportation, many private manufacturers came into the front line. They are launching various types of electric bikes and scooters at various price segments. Here are some best e-bikes and e-scooters under 1 lakh in India. All the prices are written here as of June 2022 (the price may be different when you are reading this article. So please recheck it before making any decision).

PURE EV Epluto 7G

PURE EV has launched the scooter, Epluto 7G with a stylish look and multi-speed smart design, making it a premium electric scooter. The features of this scooter are also commendable which are described below.

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PURE EV Epluto 7G (image credit: PURE EV)

The starting price is Rs 80,999 for Epluto and Rs 92,999 for Epluto 7G. The specification of the scooter is here-

Fuel Type:ElectricMotor:BLDC Motor
Motor Power:2200 WBattery Capacity:60 V / 2.5 kWh
Charging Time:4 HoursTop Speed:60 kmph
Range:90-120 km/ chargeSmart Lock:Yes
Alloy Wheels:YesBrake:Disc(F) & Drum(R)
Head Lamp:LEDRegenerative Braking:Yes
Epluto 7G specifications

Some other features are-

  • Anti-theft provision
  • BMS system for smart active balance
  • 5 inch MF LED display
  • 12-degree gradeablity etc.

Ola S1 and S1 Pro

Ola, the largest ride-sharing platform in India, launched Ola S1 and S1 Pro in 2021 with stunning design, 10 vivid colors, and a stylish look. Both the models have a similar design with some upgrades to the Pro version.

electric Bikes,scooters
Ola S1 (image credit: olaelectric)

The price of Ola S1 starts at Rs 99,999/- and Ola S1 Pro at Rs 1,39,999/-. Here I will discuss the specifications of the standard S1 version below-

Fuel Type:ElectricMotor:BLDC Motor
Motor Power:8500 WBattery Capacity:2.98 kWh
Charging Time:4.48 HoursTop Speed:90 kmph
Range:121 km/ chargeSmart Lock:Yes
Alloy Wheels:Yes (Tubeless)Brake:Disc(F) & Disc(R)
Head Lamp:LEDBraking Type:CBS
Ola S1 specifications

Some other features of Ola S1 are-

  • Voice control enabled.
  • Digital Key or keyless which can be controlled by your smartphone.
  • Flash forward- a mini-app that helps you to manage your favorite places and contacts.
  • Make unique profiles for different persons.
  • Seamless navigation.
  • Smart security features.
  • New technology embedded like- Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.

BGauss D15

Fully made in India, BGauss has launched its new flagship electric scooter, The D15 in India. Extra comfort, larger leg space, and comfortable seating for long-distance riding make the D15 more attractive.

electric Bikes,scooters
BGauss D15 (image credit: BGauss)

The starting price tag of D15 is Rs 99,999/- with two variants and 5 colors. The specification is explained below-

Fuel Type:ElectricMotor:BLDC Motor
Motor Power:3100 WBattery Capacity:3.2 kWh
Charging Time:4 HoursTop Speed:60 kmph
Range:115 km/ chargeSmart Lock:Yes
Alloy Wheels:YesBrake:Disc(F) & Drum(R)
Head Lamp:LEDBraking Type:CBS
BGauss D15 specifications

You must read the full features and specifications of the D15

Hero Electric Optima

One of the most trusted brands in India, Hero, has launched the latest version of Optima CX in 2022. This electric scooter is available in LX and CX variants. The CX variant comes with a top speed of 45 kmph and the LX variant has a top speed of 25 kmph.

electric Bikes,scooters
Hero Electric Optima (image credit: heroelctric)

Currently, the starting price of Hero Electric Optima CX is Rs 77,490/- with a dual battery and Rs 62,190/- with a single battery capacity. The specification of this scooter is described below-

Fuel Type:ElectricMotor:Hub Motor
Motor Power:1200 WBattery Capacity:51.2 V / 30Ah
Charging Time:4-5 HoursTop Speed:45 kmph
Range:140 km/ chargeRemote Lock:Yes
Alloy Wheels:YesBrake:Drum(F) & Drum(R)
Head Lamp:LEDCruise Control:Yes
Hero Optima specifications

Some other features are –

  • 12-inch wheel size to control full balance
  • Telescopic suspension
  • USB port given
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Walk assistant
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Digital Instrument Cluster
  • Reverse mode available etc.

TVS iQube 2022

TVS is also a trusted and old bike manufacturing company present in India for a long time.

The new iQube electric scooter from TVS is the first electric model in their portfolio and comes with an eye-catching design and beautiful features.

electric Bikes,scooters
TVS iQube (image credit: tvsmotors)

The company has set a price of Rs 1.6 lakh but with government FAME II subsidy, it reduces to below 1 lakh( approx 99,000/- at Delhi). The specification is given below-

Fuel Type:ElectricMotor:BLDC Motor
Motor Power:4400 WBattery Capacity:52 V / 3.04 kWh
Charging Time:4.3 HoursTop Speed:78 kmph
Range:100 km/ chargeSmart Lock:Yes
Alloy Wheels:Yes (Tubeless)Brake:Disc(F) & Drum(R)
Head Lamp:LEDRegenerative Braking:Yes
TVS iQube specifications

Some other features and specifications are-

  • Telescopic front suspension and hydraulic shock absorber
  • BMS controlled protection system
  • All other lights are LED
  • 5 inch TFT display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Low battery indicator
  • USB charger for mobile
  • Navigation Assist available
  • Parking Assist
  • Fast charging option available
  • 3 years standard warranty

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Is the price same for all cities in India?

No. It will differ in various states.

Whether FAME II subsidy available for the electric bikes or scooters?


Which is the best electric scooter in 2022?

All these electric scooters are best for their specifications and features in their price segment.

Which is the cheapest and best electric scooter in India?

Hero Flash is one of the cheapest and best e-scooter in India but it has some limitations.

What are the top 5 electric scooters in India?

1. PURE EV Epluto 7G 2. Ola S1 and S1 Pro 3. BGauss D15 4. Hero Electric Optima 5. TVS iQube


India is trying to get benefits as early as possible from electric mobility. For that reason, India is building the infrastructure across the country. It sets a target of at least one charging station that will be found in a grid of 3 km and at every 25 km on the highway.

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5. TVS iQube

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