5 Best Electric Bikes Longest Range with Price in India 2022

Standing in 2022, most people in India are now moving towards electric vehicles. Standing there, various manufacturers are bringing different types of electric vehicles to the market. Longest range electric bikes are the most searchable query on the internet.

Several manufacturers have launched some of the longest range electric bikes with prices on the market. Some of those bikes are very popular such as Ola S1 Pro, Gravton Quanta, Revolt RV400, Okinawa Okhi-90, etc.

Longest Range bikes
Longest Range bikes

It is true that different electric two-wheeler manufacturers are bringing different types of electric two-wheelers to the market. There are many types of specifications and features given for that bikes or scooters. Most of all, people want to know the price of the bike or how far it can go once charged.

In this article, we are going to discuss exactly this topic the longest-range electric bikes with the price. After reading this article, you will know which electric bike or scooter will be suitable for you. So, read this to the end and let me know in the comment box which one you like the most.

Top 5 Longest Range Electric Bikes and Scooters with Price

Ola S1 Pro is the first on this list. The reason is that it is the longest range electric bike and let’s take a look at its specifications and features. We will see everything one by one as we go down.

Ola S1 Pro Longest Range Electric Scooter with Price

Who has not heard the name of this company, the most popular electric scooter manufacturer has brought two longest-range scooters to the market. An Ola S1 and another Ola S1 Pro that has provided a variety of features. We will discuss Ola S1 Pro long-range scooter here. The current price of this electric scooter is 1,39,999. So let’s see what features it has to make it so popular.

Motor Power:8500 WFuel Type:Electric
Motor Type:Mid Drive IPMTop Speed:115 Kmph
Max. Range:181 km/chargeBattery Capacity:3.97 kWh
Charging Time:6.3 hours(normal)Driving Mode:Normal, Sport, Hyper
Brake Type:DiscAnti-theft Technology:Yes
Ola S1 Pro
Ola S1 Pro (image credit: ola)

Now, we have to see all the other features that make this Ola S1 Pro so popular. They are-

  • Braking System Provided- CBS
  • Fast Charging Capacity- Yes
  • Infotainment System- 7-inch digital instrument
  • Navigation and Geo-Fencing- Yes
  • Cruise Control- Yes
  • Voice Assistance- Yes
  • It can Receive calls, Messages as well as access Contacts.
  • Internet Connectivity- Yes
  • Support Mobile Application- Yes
  • Tubeless tires with aluminum alloy
  • Lastly, the Average Running Cost is Rs. 0.25 per km

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Gravton Quanta longest range bike price with specifications and features

Gravton Motors is fully an Indian company situated in Hyderabad, India. Gravton has launched just one standard variant to meet its vision. The latest price of Quanta is 1,09,000/-. Let’s look at the important specifications and features below.

Motor Power:3000 WFuel Type:Electric
Motor Type:BLDCTop Speed:80 Kmph
Max. Range:160 km/chargeBattery Capacity:3 kWh
Charging Time:2 hours(fast)
3.5 hours(normal)
Driving Mode:Eco, City, Sport
Brake Type:DiscAnti-theft Technology:Yes
Gravton Quanta
Gravton Quanta (image credit: Gravton)

Gravton Motors has given one extended battery facility by which you can ride up to 320 km per charge. This is because it has an extended space provided for one extra battery. Some other features are-

  • Infotainment System- Digital
  • LED Headlight
  • Tubeless tires

Okinawa Okhi-90 with Price and Specifications

Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd, is a fully Indian electric 2-wheeler manufacturing company, operating since 2015. The main motto of this company is greener and cleaner environment by launching zero-emission electric scooters. Okinawa Okhi-90 is one of those with the longest range offers from the company. The current price of this bike is Rs. 1,21,866 only. Features like-

Motor Power:3800 WFuel Type:Electric
Motor Type:Central Mounting
Top Speed:80-90 Kmph
Max. Range:160 km/chargeBattery Capacity:3.6 kWh
Charging Time:3-4hours(normal)Warranty:3 Year
Brake Type:DiscAnti-theft Technology:Yes
Okinawa Okhi-90
Okinawa Okhi-90 (image credit: Okinawa)

Okinawa Okhi-90 has more impressive features such as-

  • Braking System- E-ABS
  • Tubeless Tires- Yes with alloy wheels
  • GPS and Navigation- Yes
  • Mobile App Connectivity- Yes
  • Regenerative Breaking- Yes
  • Parking Assist- Yes
  • LED Headlamp and Taillamp
  • Find My Device feature has been given
  • Lastly, the average running cost is only Rs. 0.22 per km

Revolt RV400 price with specifications and features

Revolt is also an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company. This company has first introduced with Revolt RV300 version and now the company comes up with its upgraded variant Revolt RV400 with amazing features. The current price of this electric bike is 1.32 lakh. Important specifications and features are –

Motor Power:3000 WFuel Type:Electric
Motor Type:Mid DriveTop Speed:85 Kmph
Max. Range:150 km/chargeBattery Capacity:3.24 kWh
Charging Time:4.5 hours(normal)Driving Mode:Eco, Normal, Sport
Brake Type:CBSAnti-theft Technology:Yes
Revolt RV400
Revolt RV400 (image credit: Revolt)

This Revolt RV400 electric bike has many other features like-

  • Charging Point- Yes
  • Fast Charging- Yes
  • Mobile Application- Yes
  • Infotainment- Digital system
  • LED headlamp and taillamp
  • Low Battery Indicator- Yes
  • Brake System- Disc/Disc
  • Alloy Wheels- Yes
  • Lastly, the average running cost is only Rs. 0.40 per km

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Okinawa iPraise+ Long Range Electric Scooter with Price

Another longest-range electric bike has been offered from Okinawa Autotech. Okinawa iPraise+ is also a good choice with tons of features. The current price of Okinawa iPraise Plus as of June 2022 is Rs. 1,13,023 only. Let’s dive into the specifications and features described below.

Motor Power:2500 WFuel Type:Electric
Motor Type:BLDCTop Speed:58 Kmph
Max. Range:139 km/chargeBattery Capacity:3.3 kWh
Charging Time:4-5 hoursDriving Mode:Eco, City, Sport
Brake Type:DiscAnti-theft Technology:Yes
Okinawa iPraise Plus
Okinawa iPraise Plus (image credit: Okinawa)

Additional features of Okinawa iPraise Plus are-

  • DRLs present
  • Service Due Indicator- Yes
  • LED Headlamp and Taillamp
  • Digital Infotainment- Yes
  • Remote Start- Yes
  • Navigation and Geo-Fencing- Yes
  • Road Side Assistance- Yes
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Mobile Application- supported

Frequently Asked Questions on Longest Range Bikes

Is internet connectivity present in Revolt RV400?

Yes, this feature has been given, and also a mobile application is present.

What is the latest price of the Gravton Quanta longest range electric bike?

The latest price as of June 2022 is 1,09,000/- only

What is the latest price of the Revolt RV400 longest range electric bike?

The latest price of Revolt RV400 as of June 2022 is 1,32,000/- only

Is the USB charging port available in Okinawa Okhi-90?

Yes, it has the charging port

What is the mobile connectivity of Ola S1 Pro longest range Bikes?

Two types of mobile connectivity are available 1. Bluetooth and 2. WiFi

Is Low Battery Indicator present in Ola S1 Pro?

Yes, it also gives Side Stand Indicator

What is the Average Running Cost of Okinawa iPraise Plus Scooter?

The average Running Cost is Rs. 0.24 per km

What is the latest price of the Ola S1 Pro electric bike?

Rs. 1,39,999/- only as of June 2022

What is the latest price of the Okinawa Okhi-90 electric bike?

Rs. 1,21,866/- only as of June 2022

What is the latest price of the Okinawa iPraise+ electric bike?

Rs. 1,13,023/- only

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We have discussed the top 5 longest range electric bikes or scooters with price, specifications, and features. I wish I can help you to compare all those electric bikes or scooters with the given information. Now, it is your time to decide which electric scooter is fit for you and how much money you want to spend. Again, I would suggest you verify the price of these electric bikes or scooters before purchasing. And also see the Government incentives you may get while purchasing those bikes.

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